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What you see
What we see
Stop guessing

Mystery leak?

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Soaked wall from
an underground leak
See the invisible
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Big underground leak detected
Kitchen floor
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Infrared leak detection
finds buried drain leaks
la canalisation
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Mystery leak? Unexplained dampness?
We find the source without destruction
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High heating bills?
See where your heat is going
with an infrared energy audit
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Infrared energy audit
see missing insulation issues
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Leaky pool?
The latest technology for
non-destructive leak detection

Note that the website is under renovation. Due to a malfunction, the site has lost precious info. As a result the information on the site is now extremely limited while I put the ‘meat back on the skeleton’. Do not hesitate to call or email to have more information.

Astema leak detection is based in the South of France and offer “non-destructive” leak detection services to anybody that has come to a dead-end with finding leaks in pools, gardens and homes. This extends to unexplained damp problems and water damage.

We can be of service if you have:

  • Unexplained water damage

  • Unexplained damp

  • High water bill

  • Leaky pool