Excessive water usage

You know that you have excessive water usage when you have an abnormally high water bill or your water meter is turning without any water use.  You might also

pay a very high water bill and don’t realize that it is excessive.

Here are some typical suspects to consider:


Toilets yes toilets often leak very discreetly and can easily add around 300 Euros if not more to your annual water expenses. They are very sneaky leaks but there is a low cost method to check. Put a piece of toilet paper just below the rim. If the paper is  completely wet in a couple of seconds, it is leaking.


Hot water boiler The hot water boiler often leaks at its security valve. Worth to check.


A leak in the main water supply: This one can add thousands to your water bill and the most difficult to find since the pipe is often buried. This is a job for the leak professionals.


Pools:  If your pool has an automatic fill up and you have a leak in the pool, you might not know that there is a problem until you get your next water bill. Even then who would think that it is the pool. If it is, check out my pool page to know more.


Irrigation: Often irrigation drive up water bills remarkably. Especially when there are lawns involved. One sprayer can use up to 400 liter in 10 minutes!


If you are have no idea how much you should be using, here is a guideline:

3m3 per  person per month

If you do the calculation for a family of 5:  180m3 per year (appx.  600 Euros per year)

With irrigation of a lawn:  20liters/m2 per day (in the summer) . Irrigation is switched off in the winter months

With a standard pool: Evaporation in the summer  is approximately  1m3 per week.