Is your pool leaking?

pool leaks

We can help you to find the cause of the leak without emptying the pool, digging or the usual destruction related to leak searching. In some cases we can repair it on the spot.
Our approach is the method of  systematic elimination. There are mainly two  parts in the investigation. One is the testing the integrity of the all the pipes including skimmers, return jets and bottom drain pipes.
The other part is testing the waterproofing of the shell and its fittings such as lights and jets.


The methods I use:
  1. Pressure test the return pipes (jets), the skimmer pipes and the bottom drain pipe:  A pressure test determines if the tested pipe has a leak or not. If there is no pressure loss, the pipe in question have no leaks and  we can focus on other parts of the pool.
  2. If there is a leak or blockage in the pipe the Endoscopic camera is excellent to see inside the pipe up to 20m.
  3. Tracer gas can also be used to find hidden leaks in defective pipes that can’t be reached or viewed by camera.
  4. Radio detection equipment is used to trace the path and depth of buried pipes and confirm exact location of the leak
  5. Dye colorant testing is used to test the waterproofing of pool wall fittings such as the light housing and cable, the jet fittings, the skimmer mouth, around the bottom drain and of course the ‘shell’ of the pool. Most of the pool leaks I have found fall in this category.
  6. SCUBA Diving: I have all the equipment to dive so all the testing can be done without emptying the pool.
  7. Experience helps tremendously.




A small sample of leaky pools that we’ve taken care of.


Leak found on two out of the three lights



Leak found on a crack in the pool as well as in the skimmer pipes


Leak found on a small crack in the pool


Leak found in the overflow pit









Leak found around the jet fittings








Several leaks found in the overflow pit








Leak found at a crack as well as in the return jet pipes.









Leak found in the return pipes at a T- section